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Alexandra ‘Spicey’ Landé


During this creative laboratory, I will bring the dancers into my world, where they will be able to discover the different dimensions of my language. At the heart of this experience - each of them will live this moment from their individual perspectives.  They will be invited to improvise (Freestyle) following guidelines, sometimes clear, sometimes felt, allowing them to appropriate the choreographic form.  To do this, I will put forward three techniques:

  • Isolations

  • Stretching

  • Grounding


We will begin sessions of improvisations - danced, spoken or otherwise - allowing the performer to use the most favorable means for his or her intervention. In order to amplify the level of intensity during an improvisation, I may give some guidelines, such as not to pick up between each intervention or to speak with one's body without worrying about the other's gaze. Favouring the creation of relevant and authentic situations, these types of sessions and exchanges are an integral part of my creative process.  All this in the Hip Hop universe, music and culture.


'Spicey' Landé



May 31 to June 4

10:00 to 13:30

(17.5 hours)

Place: Wilder Studio Building: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $ 158 ($ 9 / hr)

Standard- $ 228 ($ 13 / hr)

Montreal choreographer and major figure of Hip-Hop dance in Quebec, her passion for this art was born in the 80's when she was very young. The symbiotic relationship she maintains with Hip-Hop culture in her choreographic work is the essence of her artistic signature. In 2008 Alexandra began her career as an independent choreographer and presented Retrospek at MAI. The show is warmly received and inspires several choreographers in urban dances. Awarded by the RIDEAU-Entrées en scène Loto Québec grant in 2009, it was presented by some twenty presenters. In 2010, Alexandra created her second long-lasting piece, Renézance, which was presented several times in Montreal. At the same time, the Bust A Move Festival (2005-2015) that she founded has established itself as the largest street dance competition in Canada; La TOHU becomes its co-presenter. In 2015, Alexandra founded the company Ebnflōh in order to further her artistic aspirations and bring urban dance creation to contemporary dance scenes. She surrounds herself with accomplices and peers who fuel her creative process. She presents Complexe R, a work inspired by our human obsessions, at the MAI in late 2015. The show is presented in Montreal, Toronto, Whitehorse, New York and Amsterdam. In-Ward, the company's new creation, will premiere in the gallery at MAI from January 16 to 20, 2019; the creation has received the support of several major partners (CCOV, Danse Danse, Agora de la Danse, etc.). Alexandra has also been a performer and teacher of Hip-Hop dance for almost 20 years. Today, with Ebnflōh, Alexandra 'Spicey' Landé builds a choreographic language specific to her vision. Her artistic signature, her involvement in the community and her contribution to the artistic milieu make her a driving force in the creation of street dance in Canada.


Ebnflōh (pronounced Ebenflo) comes from the English term "ebb and flow" which marks action and reaction, ebb and flow, constant movement and change. Like the perpetual rippling of water, the company's choreographic language is anchored in the fluidity of movement. With a meticulous precision that allows the exposure of multiple details and nuances, the choreographer has been offering, since 2008, intense works where several layers of reading are superimposed. She takes a singular and deeply relational look at what we are used to seeing on the surface. Influenced by theater and film, her work also builds bridges with other disciplines, notably music. Ebnflōh aims to promote contemporary creation and street dance artists on stages in Quebec, Canada and internationally. In particular, the company highlights the point of view and practices of emerging and culturally diverse artists. It wants to attract the interest of a large number of spectators and make street dance accessible to a diversity of audiences. Finally, in the context where street dance is not taught by the academic community, the transmission of the hip-hop language to future generations is a central point of its commitment. Ebnflōh was born from the desire to explore and develop an original, authentic and innovative Hip Hop aesthetic and choreographic language.


The dance company Ebnflōh is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create, produce and disseminate committed, authentic and innovative works, and to promote an original choreographic language rooted in the essence of Hip Hop. It is active in Quebec, Canada and internationally. Ebnflōh strives for artistic excellence and develops its reflection around innovative concepts, with a very deep demand for expression through the art of dance. Its artistic signature, its involvement in the community, and its contribution to the development of dancers and the discipline, make the company a recognized leader in dance across Quebec.

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