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Research & Creation - Development - Networking - Mentorship


Founded in 2014, Danse à la Carte (DAC) was born as a response to the necessity for an organisation capable of supporting, bridging and connecting professional dancers and choreographers in the ballet, contemporary dance and street dance communities through research in creation and in professional development.


DAC’s activities are funnelled through 4 core channels :

Research & Creation - Development - Networking - Mentorship


These 4 core channels of activity enhance and contribute to the evolution, growth and influence of the Montréal dance community by connecting professional artists from a diversity of dance practices and providing them with unique opportunities for enriching activities and exchanges. Our four core channels of activities are consistently present throughout all of our programs : TransFormation, Innovation, Propulsion, and the Professional Development Program.


Since 2014, DAC has offered workshops and master classes throughout the year as part of its Professional Development Program. DAC is the only non-profit organization in Montreal that offers professional dancers of all disciplines ballet classes, in addition to offering master classes and workshops in contemporary dance.



Since 2015, the DAC Innovation Program has offered studio residencies, research grants and mentoring to 45 Montreal choreographers and four international artists for the research and creation of 40 new projects.



TransFormation Danse, our annual flagship event, brings together more than 150 local, national and international artists for two weeks in the context of creation laboratories and intensive professional development workshops that allow the exploration of current trends in contemporary dance. .

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