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Rates and Registration
PDP Classes




Pre-registration (before the day of the class) :

  • DAC Members & Service Québec: $6.00

  • Standard: $21.00

Drop-in  (on the day of the class) :

  • DAC Members & Service Québec: $9.00

  • Standard: $24.00

Thanks to the support of Service Québec and the DAC members fund, we can offer preferential rates for our classes to eligible dancers. 

The Sanitary Protocol must be followed at all times.


Registration Procedure & Requirements

Our Professional Development Program is conceived for professional dancers, choreographers, teachers, and emerging artists. A variety of workshops, laboratories and classes are offered on an à la carte basis. The artists themselves choose and design a schedule and programming which best embodies the pursuit of their own artistic development.


  • Create or log in your Amilia user account

  • Visit the DAC Registration Portal, select "Professional Development Program" and select your classes

  • The DAC member rebate will be applied automatically if applicable

  • Fill out the insurance waiver form under the ''Membership'' tab


Online payments only 

Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy

Cancellation and reimbursement policy

  • No reimbursement are possible except in the case of a force majeure, invalidity, or severe illness. Danse à la Carte requires written proof from a medical doctor before any reimbursement will be authorized.



  • No change of schedule is permitted unless authorized by the event organizers.

  • No classes can be transferred to another participant.

  • All injuries must be immediately reported to the organizers of the event and participants must complete a report of the event.

  • Participants are aware of the physical risks of doing the workshop and know their medical history. With this in mind, it is the responsibility of the participant to choose classes that respect their physical limits. At all times, participants can decide not to do a certain movement or sequence.

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