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Sara Harton 3 © Danse à la Carte _ Images extrait d'enregistrements video de Kunal Ranchod



WITH YOUR SUPPORT, we can improve our annual programming and add to our services. As our community gradually resumes its activities, it is essential to continue to develop parallel projects aimed at supporting artists in the dance community. ​

Founded in 2014, Danse à la Carte (DAC) responds to the need to bring together and support our 220 members (professional dancers and choreographers) from the classical dance, contemporary dance and hip-hop communities around our 4 programs and events.

WITH the community, FOR the community, BY the community



1 week at Place des Arts

1 iconic choreographer

7 internationally experienced artists

10 recent graduates

35 hours of research and creation and development

2019 DAC Transformation_02971_WEB_edited.jpg


125 artists

16 workshops and laboratories exploring the vast spectrum of contemporary dance 

20 choreographers and teachers

7 studios and 1 studio-théâtre

10 days / 290 hours

Class with Lisa Davies _ Artist Priscilla Dellazizzo © Sasha Onyshchenko _ DAC -PDP.jpg

Professional Development


215 professional members

105 ballet classes

30 contemporary classes

$5 per class

15 spots per class

2021-03-24 DAC Residency PACO 10238 WEB (1).jpg

Creation and Research


150 hours in residency

60 heures of mentoring

1 Detour residency - pairing recent graduates and a Montréal choreographer

Excellence in research, creation, networking and professional development.


  • Sponsor 10 recent graduates from professional dance schools in Montreal ($12,000 value)

  • Integrate Propulsion into the heart of DAC's activities

  • Increase the number of TransFormation workshops and labs offered to professional members, at a cost of $9/hr ($20,000 value)

  • Invite internationally renowned choreographers and dancers

  • Enrich our DAC research and creation program (residencies for choreographers and mentoring)

  • Maintain our 135 annual classes for professional members at $5 per class ($28,000 value)

Helping Hand Badge
Helping Hand Badge
Rony Joaquin Figueroa © Zack Phan_edited.jpg

Rony Joaquin Figueroa

 Graduated 2018 from EDCM 2022

Working with a choreographer who has a super precise and choreographic method, but who at the same time belongs and is created for each individual in the team, gives me hope that dance can belong to each body and that we can project who we are through an imposed movement.


Rose Trahan

2018 ESBQ graduate and dancer at Les Grands Ballets


Being at Place des Arts for a week, the dressing rooms, the theater and the stage, was really a breath of hope and pure happiness that reminded me why I do this job.

James Philips © Brianna Lombardo.tif

James Joseph Phillips

Dancer with  O'Vertigo, Sylvain Émard Danse, Catherine Gaudet and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet

I really enjoyed working with a 'master' (Edouard Lock), and getting a glimpse into this complex and beautiful world. Edward was amazing at sharing the depth of his process.

From all of us at DAC,


Thank you for your kind messages of support.

Thank you for your donations.

Thank you for "showing up" to our in studio and virtual classes.
Thank you for joining our workshops.
Thank you for signing up to our #TF2022.
Thank you for being there and being part of our wonderful community.

It has been a difficult year, but it has also been a powerful year. Your support empowers and enables us to successfully meet the challenges we meet.

Help us maintain our activities.
Every little bit helps!

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