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Natasha "Tash" Jean-Bart

Photo © Ghislain Malardier

Workshop - Street Dance Fundamentals & Cultural Awareness

These workshops will emphasize fundamental principles of Street Dance, exploring its diverse forms while delving into their origins, oral and musical traditions, and cultural significance. The aim is to equip and empower teachers and dance professionals by fostering an appreciation for the heritage of Street Dance, particularly rooted in Afro-American communities, and encouraging the respectful sharing of knowledge and memories through immersive, authentic practices.

Natasha "Tash" Jean-Bart


Workshop - Street Dance Fundamentals & Cultural Awareness

May 27 to 31

9:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

(17.5 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $175 ($ 10 / hr)

Standard- $280 ($ 16 / hr)

*This workshop may be partially reimbursed through the RQD Dancer Training Support Program . Please verify directly with the RQD.

Natasha "Tash" Jean-Bart


Born in Montreal, Canada, in 1971, Natasha Jean-Bart’s career in the performing arts spans thirty-eight years. She’s a BIPOC artist, writer, dancer, choreographer, teacher, and intergenerational street dance/Hip Hop connector and consultant. Her performing and choreographer credits have taken her to well-respected stages, including Cirque Du Soleil’s “The Beatles LOVE” as a lead character “Lady Madonna” and on-call rehearsal Locking/Hip Hop coach/generalist. She is currently performing with the Canadian troupe Bboyizm Dance Company. Her expertise has garnered numerous international positions as a juror for elite dance competitions. She also gives workshops and lectures internationally. In addition, she uses her voice to assist and inspire artists from all walks of life to find their purpose. A wife, mother of four beautiful children, and Nana to five lively grandchildren, Natasha divides her time between Montreal, Las Vegas, and the rest of the world. 

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