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Charles Brecard

Photo © Melika Dez

Workshop - FLUIDIFY

FLUIDIFY is a practice that challenges the body, the mind and perhaps the soul, where tools and principles are given to the participants to find a sense of fluidity and endless motion through their bodies and capacities. The aim is to use the fluidity as a way to discover and transcend one's own abilities focusing on the experience and pathways instead of the reproduction of an aesthetic.


Participants will work on diverse techniques, floorwork, rhythm patterns and improvisation tools, playing with physical, emotional and imaginary states to offer them a wide range of options to find freedom in their dancing.


Each joint is addressed by dissociating it and understanding its amplitude and functions thus leading to a clearer proprioception through circles, 8 motions, spirals, sphere images and patterns in the space. The practice is the result of years of experimenting and training different dance styles such as Krump, bboying, house dance, hip-hop, traditional dances, modern and contemporary techniques. 


Fluidifying and connecting the spine, center and limbs, jumping from an idea, from a movement, or from one concept to another without interruption, without judgement, releasing fragility and gaining freedom. Therefore, an environment prone to research, discoveries, playfulness, openness, softness, carefulness and trust is facilitated.


The purpose is to find new ways for creativity and expressivity, to develop and nourish the flow state where the participant is simply and only in the present moment, as long as they are able to and as long as they wish. 

Nothing is forced, everything is suggested, nothing is serious, everything is a game. In the end, the true meaning is to collectively celebrate, learn, share and eventually, find solace.

Charles Brecard

Workshop - FLUIDIFY

June 3rd to 7th, 2024

9:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

(17.5 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $ 175 ($ 10 / hr) | Standard- $ 280 ($ 16 / hr)

*This workshop may be partially reimbursed through the RQD Dancer Training Support Program. Please verify directly with the RQD.

Charles Brecard

Born in Kanaky / New Caledonia and from the Vietnamese diaspora, Charles Brecard trained at the Ecole de danse contemporaine de Montreal (EDCM) and was based in Montreal (Tio’tia:ke) for 10 years.   Since then, he collaborated with several artists such as qu’AP&A, Lilith&Cie, Parts+Labour_Danse, Animals of Distinction, Grand Poney, 14Lieux, Skeels Danse, Nyian, Autels Particuliers, Aisha Fukushima, MATEO, Bradyworks, Nelson Henricks.   His infinite curiosity led him to develop "FLUIDIFY," a practice influenced by street, traditional and contemporary dances and by his profession as a sports massage therapist. He shares it during festivals, cultural mediation contexts or professional educational courses in Canada : EDCM, Concordia University, La Poele Intensive, Danse à la Carte, BIG Bang Program, Classes du RQD, Festival Quartiers Danses, DansEncorps. In Europe : Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart (Germany), Sinedomo (Italy), Akropoditi (Greece). In New Caledonia : Centre Culturel Tjibaou, Le Rex.  His choreographic works, imbued with great physicality, poetry and a touch of activism, made him deploy in locally in Canada and internationally in Germany, France, Spain, Greece, Austria. His solo "SOLILOQUY" notably received the prize for Best Interpretation in 2021.  One chapter of his latest solo, « Il pleut, il plaint, il rage » was awarded at the Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Stuttgart in 2023 with 3 prizes (choreography, Equilibrio Dinamico, DAF).  He is the co-initiator of « Le Bercail », a nomadic place in Montreal of practice, sharing and research for all movers.   In 2022 he obtained a residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris in order to expand his approach. Researcher enthusiast, he aims to approach his practice in a systemic way, finding links between theater, ecology, politics, decolonization issues, philosophies, sciences, thus aspiring to a political, poetic and spiritual revolution of bodies and minds. 

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