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Amara Barner



Amara Barner is a BIPOC, multidisciplinary artist from Minnesota, who currently resides in Montreal, Quebec. As a teenager she traveled across the USA as an assistant to Emma Portner, as well as the choreographers of The Pulse On Tour, and Intrigue Dance Convention. Amara was granted opportunities to perform and teach at workshops in Australia, Mexico, England, and Italy.


After moving to New York City at 15, Amara trained and worked commercially, including dancing backup for Sia on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. At 18 years old, Barner became the youngest dancer ever hired for the Montreal company, RUBBERBAND. She toured internationally with the company's show Vic’s Mix and Ever So Slightly from 2016-2021. Amara has since gone on to perform the works of artists such as Anne Plamondon, Dana Gingras, and Elon Höglund. She has danced in music videos such as La Force’s All That I Am, Aisha Bahdru’s Lazy River, and Make Believe by sickxsense. Amara was featured in Dance Magazine’s July 2020 issue as an artist “On The Rise “.


Barner also adjudicated at 'Hit The Floor' dance competitions in 2021 and 2022. She presented her first multidisciplinary solo entitled “mongrel” in 2021, and later adapted the work for gallery exhibition in 2022. Her second exhibition, "the interconnected network of everything and anything" was on display at the FOFA Gallery for a month in early 2023. Amara is currently a student at Concordia University in Montreal, with a major in Fibres and Materials.

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