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Les corps avaleės par Vanessa Fortin04.

Virginie Brunelle

Nicolas Berzi


This creation laboratory is part of an exploration phase for "Recipe for Tragedy", a dance-theatre project co-created by choreographer Virginie Brunelle and author/director Nicolas Berzi. The duo will lead the participants to develop a new form of interpretation, a stage language that hybridizes body and voice. The laboratory week will be structured around a fragmented dramaturgical score opening up a transdisciplinary approach.

Virginie Brunelle and Nicolas Berzi

Creation Laboratory

May 24 to 28

2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

(20 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $180 ($ 9 / hr)

Standard- $260 ($ 13 / hr)


Virginie Brunelle

It is first through the spectrum of music that Virginie Brunelle discovered her artistic fiber. After dedicating her childhood to the violin, she transfers this musical knowledge and her mastery of rhythm to a dance training (UQAM, 2007) creation profile. As soon as she graduated, she quickly borrowed gestures from classical dance that she liked to dirty and divert. Since the founding of her eponymous company in 2009, Virginie has created six choreographic works that have been presented in more than fifty cities in twelve different countries, and she continues to be its general and artistic director. Deploying a choreographic approach that is both organic and intuitive, her works form a repertoire characterized by the raw emotion of the performers and by the humanity of the subjects tackled. 

Nicolas Berzi

Researcher-creator in the performing arts, director, author, dramaturgical advisor and audiovisual designer, Nicolas Berzi has been developing for more than fifteen years a collective, hybrid and transdisciplinary scenic writing. During his artistic career, he has presented about ten productions, most of which he has written. After completing a master's degree in philosophical aesthetics on dissonance in modern art (UDEM, 2011), he founded the creative company Artiste Inconnu (Montréal, 2013), of which he is still the general and artistic director. In parallel, he is completing a doctoral research-creation (2020, UQAM) on staging, the unplayable and the "cowork network", an interartistic and technological scenic composition methodology. In his research-creations, creative laboratories and professional productions, Nicolas Berzi is fully dedicated to the exploration of hybrid and innovative forms on stage.

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