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In collaboration with the participants, Sylvain Émard will create choreographic sequences emphasizing their spatial and temporal perceptions. With the help of instructions designed to encourage the exploration of new gestural trajectories, this creation laboratory will also focus on the notion of acuity necessary for the execution of these sequences. The process will mainly revolve around work in small and large groups.



Sylvain Émard Dance

Creation Laboratory

May 31 to June 4

2:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

(20 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $180 ($ 9 / hr)

Standard- $260 ($ 13 / hr)


A prolific artist of international renown, Sylvain Émard created his company, Sylvain Émard Danse, in 1990. From a strong theatricality in his early days, his work quickly moved towards more formal dance. From Ozone, Ozone (1987), his first solo, to Les Préludes (2020), an in situ diptych for 20 performers, Sylvain Émard explores the territory of human nature through the power of the body. Today, his repertoire includes some thirty original pieces whose resonance extends far beyond Quebec.  Known for the refinement and precision of his gestures, Sylvain Émard surprises many by creating Le Grand Continental. Conceived in 2009, this immense contemporary line dance moves thousands of local amateur dancers around the world.  A rigorous and inventive creator, Sylvain Émard navigates in different artistic spheres, collaborating notably with Robert Lepage. Recipient of several awards, including the prestigious Jean A. Chalmers Award in 1996 for his body of work, he is also co-founder of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.

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