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Support DAC! Help us support our professional dancers and choreographers.


Every donation, no matter how small, helps! Thank you for your generous contribution!




1   Strengthen and continue the DAC Research and Creation Program (Residencies, mentoring, network expansion)


2   Continue to provide essential daily professional training classes to members in studio on a voluntary donation basis


3​   Maintain our fund intended to offer our workshops and laboratories at TransFormation to professional members at a cost of $ 9 / hr



4   Create a fund for the development of special events


From all of us at DAC,


Thank you for "showing up" to our virtual classes.
Thank you for joining our workshops.
Thank you for signing up to our #TF2021.
Thank you for your kind messages of support.
Thank you for your donations.
Thank you for being there and being part of our wonderful community.
We would not have been able to get through this without you.

The arts are suffering direly from the crisis, DAC amongst them. It has been a difficult year, a year of loss and grief, but it has also been an incredibly resilient and powerful year. During this time, we have been surviving on your generous donations.

Help us maintain our activities.
Every little bit helps!

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