online Discussion / Q & A

Returning to the studio

With Dr Shelaina Anderson and Dr Aymen Benkreira


June 5th 12:30 EST

Pre-registration is required, limited space available

This online discussion is free of charge

As we look forward with anticipation to returning to the studio it is important that we discuss some of the questions and concerns that many of you (our dancers and teachers and choreographers in residence) have about what may await us in the next phase of a progressive return to a new normal.

We are endlessly thankful to Dr. Shelaina Anderson (British Columbia) and Dr, Aymen Benkreira (Québec) who  are taking time out of their busy schedules to join us for a Zoom chat to discuss progressively returning to the studio. Dr. Anderson is a former dancer and teacher (you may recognize her from So You Think You Can Dance Canada) and is based in Vancouver. Dr. Benkreira is a cherished DAC professional member and dancer who you may have spotted in our classes or onstage with l'Opera de Montréal and in musicals such as Mary Poppins.


If you'd like to join the discussion please read through the step by step guide "Returning to the Studio" written by Sport medicine specialist Dr. Anderson. As we await official guidelines here in Quebec that are based on the directives of CNESST and which specifically address and focus on this topic, this guide which was written in accordance with regulations in BC is a great starting point for questions, answers and discussions around what we might expect here in Quebec.

The information shared in our discussion is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Biographies :

Dr. Shelaina Anderson is a sport and exercise medicine physician based in Vancouver, BC. She completed her medical training and residency at the University of Alberta before pursuing a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of British Columbia. With an extensive performing arts and athletic background as a contemporary dancer and ice dancer, her specialty interests include dance medicine, figure skating, gymnastics, and the female athlete. 

Dr. Aymen Benkreira is a cherished DAC professional member and dancer who you may have spotted in our classes or onstage with l'Opera de Montréal or in musicals such as Marry Poppins. He will practice in emergency care settings as well as practice sports medicine targeted towards dancers and acrobats.