Creation and research program

Please note that we are forced to cancel the current call for projects due to the repercussions of the COVID-19 crisis.

DAC Creation and Research Program

Studio Residencies and Research Bursaries

​Application deadline: Fall 2020

The DAC Creation and Research Program exists to support choreographers in their creative research process and artistic evolution. Our program aims to nurture the development, distinction and evolution of their creative voices and signatures. We encourage fusion, risk and investigation of contemporary dance, ballet, contemporary ballet, urban dance, performance art, and more.


Our residency program distinguishes itself by providing the resident choreographers with access to a panel of consultants and mentors (dramaturges, rehearsal directors, lighting designers and sound designers) who are available to act as an outside eye and soundboard to the residents. We will focus on developing strategic collaboration with local, national and international presenters. Selected resident artists are supported in their research of new ideas and concepts, the development of  new creations and in reinventing existing works. 


Residencies are available for both established and emerging choreographers.

There are 3 categories of residencies.

What is included in these residencies?

Category 1 residency

  • 50 hours (1-2 weeks) of studio time

  • Research bursary of $1,000

  • 40 hours of accompaniment with our mentors and/or consultants

  • Studio sharings and/or feedback session

*Previous category 1 recipients : Alexandra Spicey Landé


Category 2 residency

  • 40 hours (1-2 weeks) of studio time

  • Research bursary of $500

  • 20 hours of accompaniment with our mentors and/or consultants

  • Studio sharings and/or feedback session

*Previous Category 2 recipients: Andrea Peña, Sara Harton, Audrey Bergeron


Category 3 residency


*Previous Category 3 recipients: Dorotea Saykaly, Greg Selinger, Alexandre Morin, Emmanuelle Le Phân & Elon Höglund, Tai Wei Charo Foo

Eligibility requirements :

  • Be a professional choreographer regularly creating dance work

  • Be based in Canada

  • Have at least 2 years of professional experience (except for emerging choreographers)


Research Bursaries

2 of the selected resident artists will be awarded a creation and research bursary of between $500 and $1,000. We understand that this will not cover the costs of your research and creation. We encourage you to look for additional partners and grants to make your project feasible. You must demonstrate how you plan to fund your research on your application.

How do we select resident artists?

All applications are reviewed by a committee consisting of established experts and peers in the professional Montreal dance community.

  • We are looking for inventive approaches and clarity in the artistic vision and implementation of the project.

  • We are looking for fresh perspectives and new ideas from different areas of contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, urban dance etc.

  • We want to encourage approaches that are playful and abstract as well as rigorous and technically focused.

  • Our support of your research is intended to answer creative questions and generate new ones.

  • We want you to challenge yourself, us, your collaborators, your artists, and your audience.

  • We encourage multidisciplinary collaborations and projects.


Residency period: May 1st to September 30th 2020

Application deadline: March 31st, 2020 at 11:59pm


Residency Partners:

Cultural Partners: