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This guideline outlines the sanitary protocol for all of DAC’s in studio activities


STEP BY STEP 5, 6, 7, 8

  1.  WASH your hands at the hand sanitizing station upon arrival at the Wilder building.

  2. PUT ON a procedural mask (if you are not already wearing one). 

  3. TAKE the elevator to the 4th floor and go directly to the reception point for your class, residency or workshop.

  4. CHECK IN at the designated DAC check in point.

  5. KEEP a minimum distance of 2 meters or more between yourself and each of the people present in the same studio at all times.


This guideline outlines the sanitary protocol for all of DAC’s in studio activities

  • Artists must arrive at least 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time, or at the designated ‘Check In’ time, with a procedural mask. Late comers will not be admitted.


  • No changes, switches or drop in’s are permitted for our residencies, classes or workshops.

  • There are no exceptions to the sanitary protocol and anyone who does not follow it will no longer be permitted to take classes.


  • Procedural masks are optional when inside the studio, but are mandatory when walking in the hallways and public areas, including locker rooms.

  • Physical distancing of 2 meters must be maintained at all times. 

  • You can only access the studio assigned to you.

  • Only the dressing rooms, water fountain and bathrooms on the 4th floor are permitted to use (Les Studios). It is strictly forbidden to use these same facilities on any other floors. No exception.

  • Please do not leave anything in the studio. All items and clothing left behind will be immediately disposed of (garbage).

  • Using the stairs is forbidden except in the case of an emergency.

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