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The workshop will focus on exploring and listening kinesthetically to the self, the other, the group and the environment. Through improvisational exercises and written material, the performer will be led to question the notions of physical experience, of sharing and of a state of grace in order to create meeting points between virtuosity and somatic attention, with the aim of renewing the pleasure of dancing endlessly. The workshop will also include discussions on the notions of presence, experience, integrity and the context of representation.


We will begin with a thorough guided warm-up by exploring different systems of movement and the notions of floor, weight, fluidity, vibration, speed, density, in order to encourage freedom and singularity. We will combine fluid systems with constraints (counting / space / group listening...) and observe how we play with matter, how we interact with new territories while responding to specific tasks. 

Finally, we will browse through repertory excerpts using the concepts we explored earlier. Technicality, total commitment and attention (to oneself, to others and to the environment), presence or " kinesthetic identity " play an important role in this workshop.




May 24 to 28 or

June 7 to 11

10:00 to 13:30

(17.5 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $ 158 ($ 9 / hr)

Standard- $ 228 ($ 13 / hr)

MANUEL ROQUEIn parallel with an exciting and varied performing career (Marie Chouinard, Dominique Porte, Peter James, Sylvain Emard, Paul André Fortier ...), Manu choreographed short forms (Brendon and Brenda, 2002; Ô mon bateau, 2004) before creating and dancing RAW- me (2010), a solo that received numerous awards at the Vue sur la Relève festival and OFFTA. This will be followed by the duo combining dance and theater Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde created and performed with Lucie Vigneault. He founded the Cie Manuel Roque in 2013 and created the project In Situ for the public space of Place des Arts de Montréal in January 2014. The solo Data (2014) focuses on the mutation of matter and will be performed at Usine C, then performed again at the FTA 2015 at the June Event Festival (Paris) and on an international tour. In addition to his participation in the European project Migrant Bodies, where he created Matière Noire, Manu choreographed Aurora for the graduates of EDCMTL and then 4-OR, which was presented in Montreal in December 2015 by Tangente and Parcours Danse. The solo bang bang was created in Lyon in April 2017, then at the FTA 2017 and won the Prix de l'Oeuvre chorégraphique 2017 des prix de la Danse de Montréal. In 2018, he also receives the Studio du Québec in Paris, a 6-month artistic research and resourcing residency offered by the CALQ and the Cité des Arts in Paris. His latest creation, the solo SIERRANEVADA, is caught in the pandemic meanders and should now see the light of day in 2021. Her creative universe is interested in the crossing of contemporary languages and puts into dance a kinesthetic virtuosity combined with a polymorphic questioning on the contemporary human condition.

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