Lauren Buchardt | Pilates + Barre fitness

February 14 and 21

10:00 to 11:30

Class Description

In her pilates/barre-fit classes, Lauren focuses on alignment, posture, and essentric muscular control. Through a series of challenging exercises at the barre, the centre, and on the mat, this class will help you develop long, lean muscles and a keener awareness of spinal and pelvic alignment. This low impact conditioning class brings attention to increasing length in the spine, and helps to improve proprioception, balance, flexibility and muscular endurance. Participants can apply these principles to their work in ballet and contemporary dance. BYO pilates-mat and sweat towel :D


Class structure 

- warm up 

- full body standing exercises 

- basic ballet barre exercises

- barre muscular endurance exercises 

- pilates mat (emphasis on core) 

- stretching 


Lauren Buchardt is a native of Peterborough Ontario, but moved to Toronto as a teenager to attend Canada's National Ballet School. She graduated from the professional ballet program and then moved to Amsterdam to further her training. There she danced with the Dutch National Ballet as an apprentice, the Dutch Don't Dance Division, and earned her B.A. in dance through the Amsterdam School of the Arts. She moved to Montreal in 2013, where she soon met Lisa, who was then in the process of starting Danse à la Carte. She now freelances with companies such as Ballet Ouest, Cork City Ballet, and various other collectives. She studies Psychology at McGill University and teaches pilates and ballet at various studios. Lauren is happy to be part of the DAC équipe as a communications and marketing assistant and receptionist!