James Phillips



James Phillips completed the professional training program at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. In 2005 James completed the professional program at the School of Contemporary Dancers and then moved to Ottawa where he spent four years as a company member of Le Groupe Dance Lab under the direction of Peter Boneham. James moved to Montreal in 2009 to join Ginette Laurin’s company O Vertigo. After six years, James performed his last show with O Vertigo in November 2015. For the 2015/2016 season James was a guest artist at Toronto Dance Theater taking part in creations by Christopher House, Alyssa Martin, Alex Napier, and Andrew Tay. James also took part in Toronto Dance Theater’s Singular Bodies project. In February 2016, James returned to Winnipeg to work with Freya Bjorg Olafson and Lise McMillan in Olafson’s new creation C.P.A (Consistent Partial Attention) for the newly formed Collective Corps. James joined Toronto Dance theatre as a company member for the 2016/2017 season, dancing in works by Christopher House and Ame Henderson. In recent years James has collaborated in the research and creation projects of Catherine Gaudet, Emmanuel Jouthe, Louise Bédard and Virginie Brunelle.