2019 Fundraising campaign


Danse à la Carte


Research and excellence in creation, development, and production

Established in 2014, Danse à la Carte (DAC) was born as a response to the necessity for an organisation capable of supporting, bridging, and connecting professional dancers and choreographers in the ballet, contemporary dance and urban dance communities through research in creation, professional development and production.

Driven by research, DAC’s activities are funneled through 3 core channels :

Creation - Development - Production


These 3 core channels of activity enhance and contribute to the evolution, growth and influence of the Montréal dance community by connecting professional artists from of a diversity of dance practices and providing them with unique opportunities for enriching activities and exchanges. Our three core channels : creation, development and production, are consistently present throughout all of our programs.


1.  Reinforce our Residency Program and research bursaries

2.  Increase our scholarship and professional development fund

3.  Maintain our professional members fund to classes at $10 

4.  Create a special events and development fund

No amount is too small!


Thank you on our Facebook page


Thank you on our Facebook page and 1 ticket to Carte Blanche 


Thank you on our Facebook page, 2 tickets for Carte Blanche, and a  VIP visit of the Rialto 

350$ +

Thank you on Facebook, reserved table of 4 seats for Carte Blanche and a VIP visit of the Rialto

Donations can also be made by check to:

Danse à la Carte

 2 Ste Catherine est, #200

 Mtl, QC

 H2X 1K5