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PLD - Efer © Bobby León (Brianna Lombar

David Albert-Toth

Emily Gualtieri


Amid different definitions, which vary from yearning, desire and/or craving, the German Sehnsucht is a feeling of longing for something unknown and indefinite. Our process revolves around this concept.


Parts+Labour_Danse is currently in creation for two upcoming works: a co-directed group work entitled Efer and a solo, À bout de bras / At Arm’s Length, performed by David and directed by Emily. In their unique ways, these two works revolve around a common questioning of our innate drive to reach for what is just beyond our grasp. We are Tantalus in the pool of water, we are mourners powerless before the unknown. In this feeling, ecstasy and agony are one, and we are both barren and brimming.


In this creation lab, we will explore several creation tools that we used for these creations. Many of these tools require the performer to not only remain in the present moment, but create in it as well. Together, we’ll make something new and unique, at once ours and yours. We’ll play some improvisational games and explore together how to make something meaningful out of nothing, or little. We’ll teach some repertoire sourced from the aforementioned works, tailoring it to what we make together. There will be a lot of dancing.

David Albert-Toth
Emily gualtieri

Parts + Labor_Dance

Creation Laboratory

May 31 to June 4

2:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.
(20 hours)

Wilder Building

Studio: École de danse contemporaine de Montréal

Pricing and


DAC pro - $180 ($ 9 / hr) | Standard- $260 ($ 13 / hr)


Established in 2011, PARTS+LABOUR_DANSE acts as a vehicle through which co-choreographers David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri produce and present their work. The company explores the absurdist conflicts of the human experience with physically driven work that charms and challenges. With co-creation and shared authorship at the core of its identity, Parts+Labour_Danse approaches the creation of its works with curiosity, persistence, and a theatrical sensibility, prying open the more intricately folded corners of our humanity. The methods they devise involve a call-and-response approach to collaboration that has given rise to the company’s unique vocabulary, which pits the performer between script and spontaneity, in a state of constant renewal. 


The creators draw their narratives from the dichotomy of being both supreme creators of our own reality and specks of dust in a sea of billions. Pinning the concrete against fantasy, the company’s works play liberally with theatrical codes in an effort to propel their audiences towards unforeseen and enthralling experiences that explore our dreams, our regrets, and our deepest desires, from our innermost reflections to the farthest reaches of our expression. 


David Albert-Toth and Emily Gualtieri founded Parts+Labour_Danse in Montreal in 2011 as a way to formalize their ongoing collaborative relationship. Their works La chute (2013), In Mixed Company (2013, 14), and La vie attend (2017), as well as their commissioned works By the Skin of Your Teeth (2018) and Caveat (2018), have toured internationally and won several awards. David and Emily continue to work in tandem to their choreographic pursuits as performers, teachers, rehearsal directors and mentors for various artists and institutions.

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