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Damian Siqueiros

Art Direction and Photography


Biography :

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Self-proclaimed artivist Damian Siqueiros uses a combination of traditional media (photography, dance choreography, painting and set design) in order to activate reflection on contemporary social issues related to the creation of gender identities. His work exposes the arbitrary nature of the social constructs that sustain the roots of inequality.

While Siqueiros’ oeuvre is presented through photography, his process is equally important, as it plays an intrinsic role in the construction of the image and therefore its meaning. The creation of his images brings him to have a multidisciplinary practice: he becomes a make-up artist, stage designer, director, photographer and digital artist. The fist stage, the pre-production, concentrates on creating the character. The choices made on the styling and the make-up are fundamental. The mise-en- scene quality of his work highlights the performative nature of our identities, identities that are in a constant state of negotiation between our bodies and the meanings ascribed by society, and the definitions we decide to accept as a part of the assembly of a coherent self. The integration of choreographic language into the images allows the artist to question the construction of gender identities outside the constraints of oral language and the social institutions that have shaped those identities: family, religion, and cultural and ethnic origin.


In the process, he has contributed to reshaping the visual representation of contemporary dance and ballet in Quebec, collaborating with seminal artists such as Margie Gillis, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Hélène Blackburn and institutions such as Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. Damian has created more than 60 exhibitions in Canada and internationally, notably in Washington D.C,at the Art Museum of the Americas, Miami at the Frost Museum, Mexico, South Korea at the MMCA Goyang Residency, Toronto, Montreal and New York, where he recently had a retrospective of his work in the prestigious Tambaran gallery.