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Bernardo Alvarado Rojas et Paco Ziel @Sasha Onyshchenko


Bernardo Alvarado Rojas & Paco Ziel © Sasha Onyshchenko


Mentoring - Creation - Research - Development

The  DAC Residency Program supports choreographers in their creative process and in their artistic development by providing suitable spaces where they can test new ideas, collaborate with their peers, share and network with the community.

The program is distinguished by the pairing of each of the residency recipients with mentors or consultants. The mentoring committee is comprised of seasoned professionals (dramaturges, rehearsal directors, sound and light designers) who have extensive of professional experience and knowledge in their respective fields.


Residency period: From November 1st 2022 to March 1st 2023

Deadline: September 28th 2022, 23:59

Applications will open on September 6th.



Deadline : September 28, 2022 | 23:39


We are thrilled to offer yet another session of research and creation residencies to both established and emerging choreographers working in all spheres of dance (contemporary dance, ballet, ballet contemporain, street dance etc.).



50 hours of studio time

30 hours with a consultant

*artistic consultants, sound and light designers, dramaturges, technical directors, administrators, rehearsal directors


20 hours of studio time

22 hours with a consultant

*artistic consultants, sound and light designers, dramaturges, technical directors, administrators, rehearsal directors

Thanks to the help of our partners GB / Les Studios, la Danse sur les routes du Québec and Service Québec, the DAC Residency program provides studio space, artistic support with mentors and also in terms of developing tools and knowledge for promotion and booking of the work created.

La Danse sur les routes du Québec, with their expertise in promoting and booking works, has developed a wide selection of tailor-made training and will offer 5 residents a place in their one-year microprograms, depending upon the needs of the selected artists.


Our Program aims to nurture the research, development and evolution of the choreographic signature of creators from all cultures and aesthetics. The fusion and exploration of styles is supported and encouraged, be it contemporary dance, ballet, contemporary ballet, street dance, just to name a few.

The DAC Residencies will run from October 15th 2022 to March 10, 2023 and it will support 10 artists (choreographers) by awarding them studio time, mentorship as well as tailor-made support related to the dissemination of works, depending on the residency category awarded.


  • Availability of the choreographer during the selected residency period

  • Ability to demonstrate the impact and interest of mentoring on or within the project

  • Willingness to work alongside DAC mentors and consultants

  • Ability of the project to contribute to the artistic development of the choreographer and to advance his artistic practice

  • Potential contribution of the project to the dance community (beyond the repercussions on the choreographer's work)

  • Artistic vision of the project


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