Choreographed, written and performed by Dorotea Saykaly

Music: Riku Mäkinen

Costumes conception: Carla Romagnoli

Lighting designer: Erwann Bernard

Regie video: Jimmy Lakotos


Outside eye and consultant: Eve Garnier

Residencies were provided by Compagnie Flak, Danse à la Carte, the CCOV and Compagnie Marie Chouinard for residency spaces (the last two were furnished through Festival Quartier Danse). Special thanks to Cube to Girl to Bird productions for assistance with this project.


Revolving around identity while tripping on doubt, the solo SHE draws inspiration from the novel The Passion according to G.H. by Clarice Lispector – in which the female protagonist, alone in a room, confusingly and sensually talks through her existential and spiritual crisis. Through movement, distortion and an interview with a phantom interrogator, the work morphs in and out of different states and proposes looking at a questioning body through a female lens. SHE looks at a woman who doubts her instincts but who searches nevertheless grounds to stand on.


 Renouveler notre identité tout en trébuchant sure nos doutes, la pièce SHE est une hybride  danse/théâtre et tire son inspiration du roman La passion selon G.H. de l’auteur Brazilienne  Clarice Lispector.  La protagoniste féminine du roman,  seule dans une pièce, s’exprime avec poésie, confusion, frustration et sensualité sur sa crise existentielle et spirituelle.  À travers la distortion, un movement interrompue et une entrevue avec un interrogateur fantôme,  ce travail chorégraphique se forme et se déforme et nous invite à suivre un corps qui questionne son pourquoi.  SHE explore l'état d'hésitation d'une femme face à ses doutes, qui se méfie de ses propres instincts mais qui cherche néanmoins sa stabilité intérieure.


Dorotea Saykaly started her professional career with Marie Chouinard in 2006, touring internationally and performing lead roles for the following 8 years. During this period, she experimented with screen dance and installation work. She co-created the films “PAINTED” (2012)  and “Brief Candle” (2013) which were featured in international film festivals, and her installation "In A Box" was created for the Harlem Arts Factory Fest in New York City in October 2013.

In 2014, Dorotea relocated to Sweden to join the Goteborg Danskompani where she has worked with renown choreographers such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Marcos Morau and Sharon Eyal. Initiating opportunities to create, she choreographed her first solo “UNraveling” which premiered in Goteborg, May 2016, and was awarded the Audience Prize at the Warsaw Zawirowania Competition in November 2016.

She has since then created "Try Not To Spill" (a collaboration with Arika Yamada) for NUDANS 2017, a program with the Goteborg Danskompani; "Sing to me a deeper Song", a duet premiering May 2017; and "Within the gaps, the birds sang", a piece for OpenFLR 2017 summer festival in Florence; "Rosy Retrospection" presented in Goteborg April 2018 for the 3D Na-
tional Collaboration Project led by the Goteborg Danskompani. It later toured to Stockholm and Malmo; and “Double Blinded”, a duet for two men which will be presented on the small stage at the Goteborg Operans in June 2019.


She will be taking a sabbatical year from the Goteborg Danskompani to focus on choreography and her interests in writing and acting.