Christina Cecchini

Pilates + Barre Fitness

January 3rd and 10th | 10:00 à 11:30

Class description


A one hour regime of ballet, pilates, strength and flexibility training. This total body workout will condition your whole body to create an intense workout guaranteed to transform and sculpt. It's an ideal cross conditioning program for dancers looking to improve strength, balance, control, flexibility and breathing. This class helps with the awareness of the body, improves balance and symmetry, and develops strong, stretched and lengthened muscles with a functional spine. 



Victoria has been a professional dance artist for over 20 years. Her career has brought her all over Canada and Europe dancing both classical ballet and contemporary companies; the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Gothenburg Ballet (Sweden), Danish Dance Theatre (Denmark), Louise Bedard Danse, Systeme D/Dominique Porte as well as in collaborating with some of Montreal’s independent dance artists, Peter Trosztmer, Thea Patterson, Erin Flynn and Andrew Skeels. In 2012 she led a ‘volet-interprete’ project for Danse-Cite together with Eve Garnier, culminating in a full-evening that commissioned the work of four choreographers at Espace Go.


In addition to working as a dancer in Europe for over a decade she taught dance in renowned institutions such as at the Royal Danish Opera, Dansens Hus, Skaanes Danse Theatre, Danish Dance Theatre, The Royal Danish Ballet School, the Oure Dance program.


She was introduced to Pilates early on in her career and became enamored with the method and has practiced it regularly since. She chose to retrain as a Pilates instructor to both rehabilitate the body from injury and imbalance, as well to enhance her physical performance level. Thanks to the DTRC she completed a comprehensive certification, including mat and all Pilates apparatus. Her training with the Pilates Sports Centre combines the physical challenges of the classical Pilates method as well as the progressive work designed to rehabilitate the body and as well as a somatic practice.


Victoria has received The Duke and Duchess of York Award (CA), Arnold Spohr Award (CA), The Young Performers Bursary Award (CA), Augustinius Fund (DK), Danish Actors Blankbandsmidler (DK) and the Toyota Fund (DK) as well as grants on several occasions from both the Canada Council and Conseil des arts et letters du Quebec.


Most recently she has created 2 solo works (‘Or’ in 2015) (‘This is nothing new’ 2016) that were performed at Cinquieme salle for Festival Quartiers Danses. She is currently in creation for a new choreography (‘Absorbed in Silence) to be performed in the Fall of 2017 and is teaching workshops based on her choreographic work and movement practice to schools in the Montreal area.