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Antoine Bédard

Concepteur sonore| Sound designer

Biography :

Antoine Bédard is a composer and musician from Montréal. Also known for his electro-pop solo music project called Montag, he has released several albums and has toured internationally. He started working as a sound designer for theatre in 2005 while living in Vancouver. He collaborated with a number of companies such as Rumble Theatre, Théâtre La Seizième and Theatre Replacement. He also composed music for choreographers like Lola MacLaughlin and Sarah Chase (On the Ice of Labrador, a production of Montréal Danse. After moving back to Montreal in 2008, he worked with notorious theatre directors such as Robert Lepage (Ex Machina, Quebec City), Chris Abraham (Crow's Theatre, Toronto) and Serge Denoncourt, as well as choreographer Dana Michel. In 2013, he co-founded Portrait sonore, a non-profit organization that has produced a number of audioguides about Canadian architecture, public art and heritage buildings, all available on a multi-platform mobile application. He is currently working with the National Ballet of Canada on Frame by Frame, a creation by choreographer Guillaume Côté, directed by Robert Lepage.