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Alan Lake

Photo ©David Wong

Creation laboratory - Cycle d'Orphée 

During this creative laboratory, Alan Lake Factori(e) will share the foundations of his multidisciplinary approach to dance. He will invite you to dive into the heart of the creative process of his latest opus Le Cycle d'Orphée.


 At the source of the Cycle d'Orphée: a joint creation between dancers and actors in search of a raw and symbolist universe. During this laboratory, the dance part of the project will be investigated, the dancers will have the chance to familiarize themselves with the choreographic language of the company. Alternating between solo, duo and group work, they will then be able to explore and appropriate a gesture where the body lets itself be directly influenced both by its own internal climate and by the environment that surrounds it.

Alan Lake

Alan Lake Factori(e)

Creation laboratory
Cycle d'Orphée

June 12 to June 16

2:15 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

(20 hours)

Open sharing on June 16

6:15pm to 6:45pm - Location to be confirmed

Wilder Building

Studio: to be confirmed

Pricing and


DAC pro - $ 180 ($9 / hr)

Standard- $ 300 ($15 / hr)


Alan Lake 

Alan Lake is a performer, choreographer, director and visual artist. He studied visual arts for five years (DEC and BAC in visual arts). He undertook and obtained his technical DEC in Dance-Interpretation in 2007 at the École de danse de Québec. Since then, it is with the accumulation of experience and a multidisciplinary practice that he now approaches the gesture, devoting his daily life to dance. The objective of his work is to bring these disciplines together in a common place at the service of the movement. He presents his work as a choreographer at the national and international level: Suite for three plates (2003), The wheat near us (2004), The afternoon-birds (2006), Dany and Me too (2009), Chaudières , displacements and landscapes (2010), There, the distance (2012), Ravages (2015), The vaults (2016), The cry of jellyfish (2018), Scraping the penumbra (2019) and Parades (2022). Alan Lake includes in his artistic approach the dance films he directs: Battement Bleu (2003) and 9 Minutes, 2 Fois (2004) winning the public prize at Vidéastes Recherchés, Chaudières, displacements and landscapes (2009), Là- bas, le loin (2012), Jardins Catastrophe (2014), Ravages (2015), L'étreinte des Valkyries (2019) and Parades le Film (2021) Alan Lake is invited by the Quebec dance school as a choreographer and teacher , in order to create works: Huard-Éléphant (2011), The skin charged with embrace (2012), Scraping the penumbra (2013), Resilience (2014), Eyes full of fear (2016). Alan Lake creates: Le cri des méduses (2017) and Lupercales (2019) for graduates of the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance. Since 2007, Alan Lake has joined as a performer the companies: Le fils d'Adrien danse by Harold Rhéaume, Yvann Alexandre, Carré des Lombes by Danièle Desnoyers, the company Sylvain Émard Danse and Animal of distinction.

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